Judgment Collection Steam

‘Yazuka’ Spin-offs, ‘Judgment’ And Its Sequel, Now Available On PC Via Steam

Things are finally looking up for the future of the Judgment series on PC, as the detective spin-off collection to the Yakuza games is now available on Steam.

The surprise news comes after a legal dispute between Sega and the management agency of actor Takuya Kimura, who voices protagonist Takayuki Yagami in both games. The Japanese publisher was reportedly prepared to leave the series behind due to concerns over Kimura’s likeness on PC — an issue that stems from the agency’s strict policies regarding how images of its talent are distributed.

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Now that the water’s under the bridge, the 2018 title and its sequel, Lost Judgment, can be bought separately at S$42.90 / S$57.90, or as a bundle called The Judgment Collection for S$106 on Steam. Purchasing the latter will also get you The Kaito Files, a story expansion for Lost Judgment, for free.

The first game follows Yagami, a disgraced defence lawyer turned private detective, as he uncovers the truth behind a string of murders in Kamurocho, the familiar resident location of the Yakuza games. The sequel is similar, except this time you’re going undercover at a prestigious high school to unravel the mysteries behind the suicide of a bullied student. Classic gameplay elements from the Yakuza series, such as real-time combat, have been carried over as well, with Lost Judgment mixing up some parts of the formula.

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The PC arrival of the Judgment games was but one of the announcements revealed at Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s RGG Summit, which took place on 14 September and showcased three new entries for the Yakuza series. The first is a remake of 2014’s Like a Dragon: Ishin!, while the second is a spin-off titled Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name that focuses on Kiryu Kazuma, who served as protagonist from the first to sixth games. The last, Like a Dragon 8, will feature him in a dual-protagonist role alongside his successor, Ichiban Kasuga.