X-Men ‘97 Showrunner Addresses Morph’s Romantic Love For Wolverine

The season finale of X-Men ’97 has left fans buzzing with its emotional twists and explosive action. Titled Tolerance Is Extinction – Part 3, the episode sees the X-Men facing off against the antagonists Bastion and the Prime Sentinels in a battle to save Earth.

Amidst the chaos, a poignant moment unfolds on the X-Men’s Blackbird jet between Morph (J. P. Karliak) and Wolverine (Cal Dodd). In the episode’s climactic moments, Wolverine, grievously wounded by Magneto’s removal of the adamantium from his skeleton, lies sedated. Seizing what might be their last opportunity, Morph transforms into Jean Grey to express heartfelt words to Logan: “I love you, Logan. Stay with me.”

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This scene is not merely Morph impersonating Jean for comfort. Former showrunner Beau DeMayo confirmed via X/Twitter that this was indeed a genuine confession of Morph’s feelings for Wolverine. Throughout the season, Morph’s affection for Logan is hinted at through various flirtatious interactions and tender moments of support.

Morph, characterised in X-Men ’97 as non-binary, brings a contemporary twist to the series by embracing diversity and expanding on the narrative possibilities within the X-Men universe. Their deepening relationship with Wolverine adds a rich, emotional texture to the series, challenging both characters in new and unexpected ways.

X-Men '97

However, the future of their relationship remains uncertain. With season two already in the works, viewers are eager to see how Morph and Wolverine’s story unfolds. Despite the challenges they face, including threats to mutantkind and the planet, one thing is certain: X-Men ’97 continues to captivate audiences with its storytelling and characters.

All episodes of X-Men ’97 are now available to stream on Disney+.