Who Is Sylvie Laufeydottir And What That Means For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you’ve been wondering about the Loki variant aka Lady Loki ever since her brief reveal in episode two of Disney+‘s Loki series, then buckle up because episode three can give you an answer or two.

*Spoilers ahead.

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After jumping through a portal with the variant, our beloved God of Mischief finds himself in further trouble with the variant he’s been tasked to consult and catch from the very first episode. As chaos unfolds, she later tells us that she goes by the alias Sylvie and that her main power is enchantment.


Observant fans would already catch in last week’s episode that her full name is Sylvie Laufeydottir but what does that name mean in Marvel’s lore and how does that affect our perception of the character?

Significance Of ‘Sylvie’ In The Comics

Sylvie Rushton is originally a teenage girl from Broxton, Oklahoma. At the time, Oklahoma was the home of many Asgardians post-Ragnarok. Sylvie suddenly became endowed with mysterious powers such as the ability to cast spells, teleportation and magic and worked closely with Amora aka The Enchantress, an Asgardian villain typically seen going head-to-head with Thor.

In an attempt to join the New Avengers, she takes on The Enchantress title for herself and angers Amora in the process. The New Avengers rejected her, and Sylvie finds herself banished for touting Amora’s name. It is later revealed that Loki had created Sylvie to aid in the destruction of the Avengers.

Sylvie Laufeydottir In The Series


As seen in the series, Sylvie and Loki have a lot in common. Both were adopted at a young age, have a complicated relationship with their mothers and possess similar abilities. However, Sylvie’s main power is enchantment, a power Loki himself doesn’t possess or understand.

We learn that she’s been planning on finding The Timekeepers for years now and finds Loki a hurdle in the grand scheme of things. She dislikes being called Loki and has taken on an alias that felt more appropriate for herself. Whether Sylvie Laufeydottir is indeed a ‘Loki’, is actually Sylvie Rushton or Amora the Enchantress herself remains to be seen. With three episodes left in the season, anything can happen.

For now, we’re keeping our eyes glued to the screen everytime a new Loki episode airs every Wednesday on Disney+.