While many are caught up collecting figurines of Iron Man with serial numbers that go 151/500, why not get something you can display that is totally unique. Unless you’ve got a doppleganger out there, Uu 3d custom figurines will be able to sculpt a one-of-a-kind facsimile of yourself for a cool price.

The price tag apparently is putting many individuals off but think about it, how often does such an opportunity come by? Perhaps when 3D printing takes off in the next few months or years to come, this would be the best time to immortalize yourself.

While this concept is not entirely new in the world; Japan had its own version earlier this year. This would be the first time ever in Singapore. Heard of first mover advantage? Combine that with limited availability (21 Sept – 6 Oct), I can envision many a wedding couple rushing to get a pair done for their own cake toppers.

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After all, there is no price to pay for vanity, and this company seems to deliver ego at a relatively reasonable price for now.

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