Uniqlo Sister Brand, GU, Releases Snuggly Pokémon Loungewear Line

GU, Uniqlo‘s vibrant sibling brand that’s renowned for its affordability and chic styles, is set to captivate the hearts of Pokémon enthusiasts with its latest collaboration, the Pokémon Peaceful Place collection, affectionately known as PokéPeace.

Crafted from cosy and plush materials ideal for leisure, the collection features loungewear sets and accessories, creating the perfect ensemble for unwinding at home. With a broad spectrum catering to both adults and kids, every item is adorned with delightful round, bubble-like illustrations showcasing some of Pokémon’s most beloved characters.

Pokémon Peaceful Place collection - Adults

The adult line takes centre stage with three loungewear sets, each highlighting iconic Pokémon — Pikachu, Rowlet, and Espurr — priced at 3,490 yen (US$23) per set. Complementing these sets are comfy striped room socks, featuring embroidered Pokémon silhouettes in Pikachu/Milcery, Scorbunny/Espurr, and Piplup/Rowlet combinations, available at 790 yen (US$5.20) each. The collection extends its charm with Pikachu and Rowlet fake fur bags boasting large handles at 2,490 yen (US$16.40) each, and Pichu, Piplup, and Espurr fake fur pouches at 1,990 yen (US$13.12) each.

Pokémon Peaceful Place collection - Kids

The kids’ line mirrors the whimsy with three loungewear sets showcasing Pikachu, Piplup, and Scorbunny, each priced at 2,490 yen (US$16.40) . An enchanting addition unique to this line is the embroidered Fairy-type Pokémon Milcery adorning the knee area of the pants.

The PokéPeace collection will hit GU stores across Japan and the online shop on 23 November. Get ready to catch ’em all in style!