Uniqlo Singapore Unleashes Fighting Style With ‘Street Fighter’ & ‘Tekken’ Collection

Mention fighting games, and the Street Fighter and Tekken series comes to mind. It doesn’t matter which camp you belong to — both titles are enjoyable in their own ways, and have been credited for sparking a fighting game boom in the 1990s.

Celebrating the pair’s legacy is Uniqlo Singapore, set to roll out a Fighting Game Legends collection on 22 January. The t-shirts will retail for S$19.90 each, with six designs dedicated to the two franchises.

The Tekken lineup features King in his Tekken 2 form, an evolution of its logo over the years, and a selection of fighters from the first game. Meanwhile, its Street Fighter counterpart brings a stylish blend of nostalgia and modern day polish to the table, including a sketch diagram of the core gameplay design on the back.

This Uniqlo collaboration comes just days before the release of Tekken 8, launching 26 January for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will also follow on the heels of Street Fighter 6‘s in-game collaboration with popular anime Spy x Family, which kicks off 9 January.