‘Uncharted’ Movie Producer Wants To Make Sequel To Tom Holland-Led Adaptation

A sequel to the 2022 Uncharted movie is one step closer to becoming a reality, as one of the movie’s producers has expressed keen interest in continuing Nathan Drake’s adventures on the silver screen.

Uncharted Sequel

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Charles Roven shared his thoughts on building a film franchise around Naughty Dog’s popular game series, confirming he is “definitely looking” to make another Uncharted live-action feature.

“Oh yeah! We had a really good time with that movie. The fans really liked the movie, and people who didn’t know anything about the game really liked the movie. So we are definitely looking to make another one of those,” he said.

The adaptation was met with mixed reviews from critics when it debuted in cinemas last year, but ended up as a commercial success after earning over US$400 million globally. It stars Tom Holland as the affable, street-smart adventurer Nathan Drake, with Mark Walberg stepping into the role of seasoned treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

Since the movie acts as a prequel to the video game series, the pair are considerably younger on the screen, which some fans might find jarring. Whether the sequel — provided it gets the green light — will adapt the first game remains to be seen, but there’s certainly room to expand on the world, with Uncharted‘s ending and post-credits scenes teasing another potential adventure for the duo.