Unboxing Queen Studios’ Joker Life-sized Bust & 1:3 Scale Statue

If you ever wanted to show you are a die-hard fan of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, otherwise known as the Joker, then Queen Studios have you covered. Be it the impressive 74cm x 44cm x 35cm life-sized bust with incredible details from top to bottom, or the 1:3 scale statue with the wonderfully realised body and base, these are some outstanding additions to any collection.

The bust is certainly a head-turner, with the head sculpt leaving no room for doubt that it is Arthur Fleck himself, decked out in his iconic makeup and suit with free-flowing rooted hair, and housing two more surprises down at the base on both ends.

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As for the Deluxe Edition of the 1:3 scale piece, the mirror scene is complemented by that great head sculpt work and the rooted hair, bringing to life an individual ready for his last big show.

With a limited run of just 199 pieces for the bust, you should definitely consider adding it and the 1:3 Joker piece to your collection. Our friends over at Collectors Ark have got you covered when it comes to the Joker and other Queen Studios masterpieces, as seen in our earlier tour below: