Unboxing McDonald’s Singapore’s Pikachu Carrier; Releasing 8 September

While we had earlier reported that McDonald’s Singapore was rolling out a tie-up featuring Pokémon TCG: Match Battle, the actual release is far simpler.

From 8 September 2022, a Pikachu carrier will be available for purchase at S$12.90 with selected meals.

Here’s how it looks like unboxed –

While we had hoped for actual trading cards, some other Pokémon fans might prefer this item instead.

Pikachu Carrier

Within the box, we have a plastic Pikachu carrier which works better as a popcorn holder as opposed to carrying your meals.

Pikachu Carrier

Pikachu opens up at the rear to reveal a small compartment to hide some goodies within.

The only element that is remotely connected to the Pokémon Trading Card Game would be the insertion of an ultra-rare holofoil Eldegoss card (each carrier comes with a random card). Instead of a Happy Meal, we’d get access to the Happy Match ability. Also included is a playmat of sorts featuring Sword & Shield — Astral Radiance but that was a TCG release in May 2022.