Unboxing Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

Just a week ahead of its release, Hasbro has dropped us their latest Marvel Legends Series Thor: Love and Thunder Mjolnir. Reforged (with cracks) and wielded by Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, lets get down to unboxing the 1:1 replica of the iconic hammer.

If you had missed out on the chance to own the original Mjolnir hammer from Hasbro, the new reforged Mjolnir will be the item you’d want to have on your wishlist next.

Sporting a similar mold to the original Marvel Legends Series hammer that was released back in 2017, but this time with cracks all across the surface, that light up in a blue glow. The hammer comes with a black display stand and is powered by three AA batteries. Check out the unboxing video above for Bobby’s first looks at the new role play collectible from Hasbro.

The Marvel Legends Series Thor: Love and Thunder Mjolnir retails for S$279.90 (US$124.99) in Singapore, and will be released on 26 April 2022 via The Falcon’s Hangar and Robo Robo.