Ubisoft Singapore Managing Director Removed Following “Leadership Audit”

Ubisoft‘s upper crop has been undergoing some internal reshuffling in recent months. Most recently, the managing director of its Singapore studio, Hugues Ricour, has been removed from his position after a “leadership audit” was conducted.

Kotaku reports that Ricour, who had up until this point had been supervising work on Skull & Bones, was among a list of various members of Ubisoft management who were allegedly involved in multiple instances of sexual misconduct within the the publisher’s ranks.

“We can confirm that Hugues Ricour is both stepping down from his role as MD and also leaving the Singapore studio, but will remain at Ubisoft,” an Ubisoft representative told Kotaku.

Investigations regarding this workplace abuse began as early as 14 August (via Gamasutra), where various Ubisoft branches globally have been subject to similar leadership audits.

Ricour, specifically, was reported to have been “making suggestive and inappropriate comments” about the clothing of female employees, and would encourage them to kiss him during work events. Furthermore, his management style was seen as “problematic”, often resorting to bullying and making condescending remarks towards employees who challenged him.

Neither Ubisoft nor Ricour have confirmed his new role or location.

Meanwhile Skull & Bones is still in development, and has been taken off its 2020 release schedule to potentially launch in April 2021 instead.