Tsuta Singapore Launches Three New All Natural Tonkotsu Ramen Flavours

As the year-end approaches and we start to feel a little chilly, who wouldn’t love to cuddle up to a big warm bowl of Tonkotsu ramen? Like Asian hot cocoa, it fills you up with that warm fuzzy feeling and you just can’t seem to stop drinking that flavourful broth.

If you’re salivating already, then you have to swing by Tsuta Singapore. The award-winning ramen outlet from Japan, and the first and only ramen store to win a Michelin star, may be more commonly known for their signature Shio ramen flavours but it’s clear that they are a master of many flavours.

Tsuta Singapore

For the first time in Southeast Asia, Tsuta will be launching their Tonkotsu series, which include three distinct flavours – Tonkotsu, Kurobishi and Mala. The best thing about these Tonkotsu bowls is that they’re made of natural ingredients, which means zero MSG and artificial flavourings.

Despite the absence of any added food additives, Chef Yuki’s creations still contain rich, delectable broths full of that irresistible and yet elusive umami flavour. The classic Tonkotsu Soba’s (S$12) broth is based on premium black pork bone and trotter, and is diligently boiled over 5 hours to bring out that rich, intense flavour.

The broth is creamy and rich but you wouldn’t be surfeited by its savouriness as it remains refreshingly light. But what steals the show is the chashu. The meat is incredibly tender with an almost melt-in-your-mouth-feel and since it’s been soaking up the broth, it delivers a bite of juicy pork backed with the yummy Tonkotsu.

With Chef Yuki’s handmade Mayu (Black Garlic Oil), the Kurobishio Tonkotsu Soba (S$13) is bound to entice your sense of smell even before you have your first bite. With an aromatic blend of black pepper and burnt garlic paste, you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into the goodness that awaits each bowl.

There’s a little bit of everything in this bowl. It’s savoury, with a slight kick from the pepper and let’s be real, apart from Dracula, who doesn’t like garlic? This ramen became a quick favourite around the table during the media tasting, with the broth’s full body but if there was one downside, it’s that there was a tad too much oil for our liking.

Tsuta Singapore

Lastly, brace yourself for the Mala Tonkotsu Soba ($13) which is jam-packed with spices like Sichuan peppercorn, cinnamon stick and star anise to tickle your tastebuds and create that numbing effect we all can’t get enough of. This is clearly not a Japanese flavour but for the Chinese in us who want some of that spicy kick. The heat in this bowl gradually creeps up on you and the numbing effect lingers on your tongue even after a glass of water.

In the spirit of giving, Tsuta Singapore will be giving out up to S$50 dining vouchers every day from December 20 to 30. All you have to do is post a picture of your ramen on Instagram at any of their outlets, tag them (@tsutasingapore) and write about your experience. The best post will be chosen at the end of each day.

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