Train to Busan Sequel Aiming For Summer 2020 Release

When Train to Busan released back in 2016, it became an instant game-changer for Korean films, putting them on the map for the international audiences. It became the first Korean film of that year to break the audience record of over 10 million theatregoers.

The film takes place (you guessed it) on a train to Busan, where businessman Seok Woo and his daughter, Su An, are on their way to see Su An’s mother. However, disaster strikes as a zombie epidemic spreads throughout the train and the two have to fight to survive until they arrive at their destination.

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In August 2018, director Yeon Sang-ho announced that they would be making a sequel to the hit film, entitled Peninsula. And thanks to HallyuLife, we now know that they’re planning to release the film sometime next year.

A statement from the distribution company NEW said earlier this week that “we are preparing for the market release by summer 2020, but the schedule for international release has not been decided yet.” A report supposedly confirms the release date for August 12.

Train to Busan

The sequel is said to pick up from where we last left Seok Woo and Su An but now with the zombie virus present in all the far corners of the Korean peninsula. Maybe this time around, we’ll see Su An’s mom included in the film and how their dysfunctional family dynamic is tested.