Toyota Built A Miraidon Pokémon Motorcycle That The Public Can Ride On

It was only a matter of time before Miraidon, the Legendary Pokémon that turns into a motorcycle and other modes of transportation in Pokémon Violet, became an actual bike in real life, and Toyota is ready to unveil its ambitious project to the public.

 Miraidon Pokémon motorcycle

Take Miraidon for a spin at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Atrium, where Toyota will exhibit the motorcycle from 15 March (Friday) to 17 March (Sunday) from 11am. Tickets to the event are free, and will be given out through a lottery system, so you’ll want to arrive early to be one of the first to ride it. The motorcycle has a weight limit of 65 kg, so take note of that before you show up.

The Toyota Miraidon Project was first conceived in 2023 based on a drawing by an elementary school student, and just a year later, Miraidon was brought to life through a feat of engineering. It can be switched between two modes, a driving mode, and its four-legged stance.

So, if you’re in the area and want to fulfil your lifelong dream of riding the Miraidon Pokémon Motorcycle, why not take the opportunity to go on test drive?