‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary With YouTube Release

It’s been 10 years since the Tokyo Ghoul anime first premiered in 2014, becoming a hit among fans worldwide, and this year, it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary. If you want to relive your childhood and rewatch all four seasons of the anime, they’ll be available to stream on Studio Pierrot’s (Naruto, Bleach)YouTube channel starting 5 April.

tokyo ghoul 10th anniversary

There’s more in store for Tokyo Ghoul’s 10th anniversary project, and details will be revealed at a later date, but fans are in for a treat, if the campaign’s visuals are anything to go by. The Tokyo Ghoul manga by Sui Ishida ran from 2011-2018, including prequels and sequels.

Set in a world where humans live in constant fear of ghouls – superpowered humanoid beings who feed on human flesh to survive, a shy college student named Kaneki Ken, who is nearly killed in an attack by one of these monsters, becomes a half-ghoul himself after receiving an organ transplant from the ghoul. Realizing what has become of him, Kaneki is forced to adapt to his new lifestyle whilst avoiding two relentless police officers who want to exterminate all ghouls from their ward.