Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy Pornography Interrupts Italian Senate Proceedings

A Zoom meeting with the Italian senate was interrupted by Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy pornography.

The online meeting was live-streamed live on Facebook and on the Senato della Repubblica TV channel, which broadcasts live proceedings from the Italian government.

During the meeting, a user by the name Alex Spence entered the chat and, on a screen share, displayed CGI pornography of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7. The meeting had Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi as a guest and was organised by Senator Maria Laura Mantovani.

The pornographic clip played uninterrupted for roughly thirty seconds before it was finally switched off. The offending clip in its entirety has been removed from the VOD on Facebook, but still became a topic of discussion in the online Twitter space.

Mantovani is a member of the M5S (Five Star Movement) populist party, a party that – ironically – has the positive impact of the internet as a key ideology. Mantovani has since reported the incident to police and voiced hope the culprit would be reprimanded.