This Is The Way To Find Your Friends In Apple’s May The 4th Star Wars Ad

Happy May the 4th! It’s Star Wars Day today, so Apple and Lucasfilm teamed up for a new commercial for iPhone 15’s Precision Finding with its ‘Find Your Friends’ feature. Lucasfilm received over 300 submissions for the ad, which eventually saw 172 fans getting involved in the production.

The ad follows a Mandalorian costumer (played by real-life fan Owen) as he journeys to meet up with friends at a local Star Wars convention. He starts off the day feeding his cat, Leia, and checking for the essentials before heading out. He picks up a boba tea (but of course), boards a bus, and uses his iPhone 15 to chat with and find his Mandalorian clan mates. Finally, they share greetings and some in-sync head-bobs to Channel Tres’ “All My Friends,” with the lyric “5:02, past the curfew” changed to “5:01,” in a nod from the artist to the 501st Legion fan group. Jardiniano and pals then blast off… up the escalator. The ad is also filled with Easter eggs, from the sign at the bus stop — “The first transport is away!” — to the “New Hope” street sign, so keep your scanners peeled!

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And this is why Star Wars fans make the best community in the galaxy. This is the way.