There’s A Vampire LARP Industrial Rave Party In Singapore This December

Who says Halloween only happens on October 31st? Not for these guys at Void Deck Games, it seems. This December 14 – 15, they’ll be hosting the Dance of the Dead: A Vampire Industrial Rave Party for anyone in Singapore who’s into vampires, LARP (live-action roleplay), or both.

Credit: Void Deck Games

For the uninitiated, Dance of the Dead is a LARP event inspired by the tabletop roleplaying game, Vampire: The Masquerade. However, instead of rolling dice, participants will actually be dressing up and roleplaying as creatures of the night.

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But since it is still technically a game, there will be rules that you’ll have to follow as you roleplay. Trust us, it’s much more fun when you follow the ruleset during the event.

Credit: Void Deck Games

As with any LARP event by Void Deck Games, you’d want to bring your own costumes (and fangs, since this is a vampire event). If you don’t have a costume but still want to come, it’s totally fine, as there will be costumes ready for your perusal on-site as well.

Credit: Void Deck Games

Once you’ve dressed up and have been briefed on the rules, you’re ready to rule the night. Due to the horror-themed nature of this event, it’ll be strictly for participants 18 years and up, even if you’re going as a spectator.

Sign-ups for Dance of the Dead are now available. Ticket prices are will range from S$20 (spectators), S$50 – 55 (early bird), S$60 – 69 (late bird), and S$100 (at door).