Behold, PJ McQuade’s ultimate tribute to the geek culture, an exceptionally detailed print designed for Geek Generation, the art show curated by for the city of Bourges, France. How many geek culture references can you spot?

And here are the words from the artist:

“The theme was Geek History from the past to the present, a pretty open topic, so… where to start?! My initial thought was to involve Godzilla. Then I decided to draw just a few more of my favorite characters from science fiction and fantasy from the last century; from books, comic books, cartoons, movies, video games etc. – the ones that inspired and wowed me from childhood to today. You know, just a few.  What happened next was this, a print depicting my own personal geek history, my Ode to Geek!”

Need hi-res close-up shots to have a closer look? Check out PJ McQuade’s post!

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