The Totoro Soot Sprite Outdoor Collection Features Backpacks & More

Whether you’re planning to go on a hike, or you’re looking for cute and functional essentials, Studio Ghibli’s got you covered with their new merchandise collaboration line with Outdoor Products. The highlight of the collection is of course, the adorable Totoro Soot Sprite outdoor collection backpacks, but there’s plenty of other items to choose from too!

The Outdoor Totoro Day Pack S (S$100) is a spacious backpack adorned with tiny soot sprites and a white Totoro on the front. It has an easy-to-reach pouch which can hold a wallet, a phone, and more accessories. The backpack also features a reflective shoulder strap, so you can always find your backpack, even at night.

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Totoro Soot Sprite outdoor

Want to carry a little lighter? The Shoulder Bag (S$61) will suit your hiking needs too, with a snack pouch as well as a front pouch to store other belongings. The shoulder bag can fit a canned drink, perfect for a stop by a vending machine if you get thirsty.

Totoro Soot Sprite outdoor

Meanwhile, the Smart Shoulder sling pouch (S$51) lets you go hands-free. It can hold a smartphone, cash, credit cards, and everything you need for commuting, with a minimalist design featuring the soot sprites.

Totoro Soot Sprite outdoor

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new Totoro-themed wallet, with the Key & Coin Case (S$35) being a handy wallet to put your keys and coins in. Or if you prefer, cash and cards can also fit into the wallet! It comes with a handy carabiner so you can attach the wallet to your backpack.

With the Studio Ghibli fever coming back following the highly-anticipated film The Boy and the Heron , it’s a great time to be a fan of Studio Ghibli, and what better way to show your love for the animation studio than with your very own Totoro Soot Sprite outdoor collection merch?