The Original Myst Game Is Heading To Oculus Quest In VR

Oculus has been pushing the virtual experience to the next level for some time now. And recently, they released the Oculus Quest 2, offering users a chance for more immersive gaming. Along with that, they even announced a slew of games that will arrive such as the Jurrasic World VR.

Enter Myst VR for Oculus Quest, a fresh take nostalgic 1993 island puzzler. It will most likely follow the original gameplay with players travelling via a special book to the island of Myst. The game will come with updated graphics and interactions and even an optional puzzle randomiser.

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Moreover, the original developers of this indie game, Cyan Worlds will be working on the VR version of it too. Get ready for some serious deep world diving and while unravelling the mystery behind the island in Myst VR.

The Oculus Quest 2 will be shipping out on 13 October 2020 and can be found on Amazon for those who want to order a set for themselves.