The One With The Leaked 21319 LEGO Ideas Friends Boxset Will Be There For You When The Rain Starts To Pour

You know what’s amazing? Friends. You know what’s even more amazing? LEGO Friends.

In the world of LEGO leaks, this one might just be the coziest to date. Dubbed the 21319 LEGO Friends set, it features the iconic cast of characters in arguably the most timeless and popular sitcom of all time, lounging around in the iconic Central Perk cafe.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Friends LEGO set if the main cast of characters weren’t around. Surely, we don’t need for to recall all their names for you, right?


Based on the box, this seems to be a LEGO Ideas concept come to life, and thank goodness for LEGO to have approved of such a thing because the detailing on the set is spot-on.


From Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doin’?” smirk, to Phoebe Buffet’s acoustic guitar, to Ross Geller’s unique, erm, expression, to the individual cups used by each character, to a freaking Gunther Minifig this is certainly a must-have for any seasoned Friends fan.


Now if only the theme song could be played every time you played with this. Or even Phoebe’s iconic Smelly Cat song.


It’s truly a shame that Friends will no longer be on Netflix come 2020, so this boxset should no doubt spurn current fans to get the uninitiated in on the action.

The 21319 LEGO Friends set is slated to release sometime in September, most likely September 22 — the 25th anniversary of the airing the show’s first episode — so keep your eyes peeled for it when it does.