Monument Valley Panoromic Collection Steam

The Magic Of The ‘Monument Valley’ Series Arrives 12 July On Steam

Despite the stick that mobile games get, there is always bound to be a hit or two that comes along every once in a while. The dreamy and visually amazing Monument Valley from Ustwo first arrived back in 2014, before delivering an outstanding sequel in 2017. And now, PC players can finally see what Monument Valley brings to the table with the updated Panoramic Collection for Steam.

Together with a PC-specific control scheme and updated graphics that support ultrawide displays, prepare yourself to experience a journey unlike any other. With your guidance, the playable princess will explore various structures and beautiful environments, and overcome smartly design puzzles that will test your perceptive and logic skills.

“Through making this new edition of Monument Valley, we really wanted to hold onto that immersive, meditative experience that you experience on a touch screen or a mobile phone,” said Jame Campbell, commercial manager at developer Ustwo Games.

“We very much recreate that in this new expanded world, and you’re almost stepping more into the world of Monument Valley, seeing more of this beautiful architecture and geometry, and the impossibility that makes the puzzles so unique.”

PC players will definitely not want to miss out, with both Monument Valley and its sequel coming to Steam with all of the original content and DLC, updated with new bells and whistles this coming 12 July.