‘The Last of Us’ Pedro Pascal Pokes Fun At Video Games In Debut SNL Appearance

Move over Chris Pratt! It’s Pedro Pascal‘s time to shine.

Pascal made his debut on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 4 February and in a hilarious sketch that pokes fun at video games, the actor played Mario in an HBO-style Mario Kart trailer.

The trailer takes after the aesthetics of The Last of Us, but instead of escorting Ellie (Bella Ramsay) across the country, he’s taking Princess Peach to Rainbow Road. Replacing the clickers are Goombas, sentient fungus with shoes for legs!

The three minutes long trailer also features characters from the popular Nintendo game such as Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and Luigi. These characters are reimagined as “complex, dramatic HBO characters, ” but they’re just bisexual, the trailer joked.

Pascal’s SNL debut comes mid-season of The Last of Us run. The nine-episode series HBO series is an adaptation of a video game of the same name. Although season one has yet to fully air, the series has already been renewed for a season two, with a potential for a third. The first episode is currently free on YouTube.