The Gundam 40th vs Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Crossover Spawns Cool Anime And Model Kit

We already knew Mobile Suit Gundam and Hello Kitty would have a crossover for their 40th and 45th anniversaries respectively last year. Perhaps we didn’t expect it to be this epic.

Not that we’re complaining. 2020 kicks off with the 40th Gundam vs Hello Kitty 45th crossover with not just one, but two main entries: an anime short series and a limited-edition model kit!

On the crossover’s official website, the anime short you see above showcases Hello Kitty being contacted by Amuro Ray via her television for assistance with a mech problem in space. Hello Kitty then launches herself into space, and turns out to be an invaluable ally to Amuro, with the unique ability to shield herself from enemy attacks and also turn enemy Mobile Suits into cute, harmless Sanrio versions of themselves.

Despite being only 6-minutes long, this anime short is as epic as a crossover can be for these two iconic Japanese animated series, both having been in existence for nearly half a century now.

But that’s not all the crossover has to offer, though. There’s also a limited-edition SD Gundam EX Standard Hello Kitty / RX-78-2 model kit.

The model kit consists of two parts: a chibi version of the iconic RX-78-2 Mobile Suit, as well as Hello Kitty, which comes disassembled, with all the individual parts colour-coded and housed in a Hello Kitty-shaped frame.

Talk about dedication to the brand.

The limited-edition model kit is up for pre-order now via Amazon Japan, Amiami and Hobby Link Japan for ¥2,530 / S$25.11 (not including shipping).