The Callisto Protocol

‘The Callisto Protocol’ Extended Trailer Shows Off Space Horror In All Its Bloody Glory

It’s going to a gore fest in space when The Callisto Protocol finally drops. A previous trailer for the game offered a first look at the moody, eerie atmosphere and grotesque creature, but a newly-revealed extended reel at Summer Game Fest 2022 has ramped up the scare factor even more.

The fully-uncensored footage shows protagonist Jacob Lee fighting his way through a claustrophobic, terrifying space vessel, of disgusting monstrosities with different weapons. True to its reputation as the spiritual successor to Dead Space, the game promises plenty of gore, brutal moments, and gory dismemberments in store.

Lee’s arsenal should, in fact, be familiar to fans of Dead Space. The primary weapon, for instance, maims the creatures, known as Biophage, in the same way Isaac’s Plasma Cutter does to Necromorphs in the latter title. The trailer also seems to suggest a telekinesis ability that allows players to use the environment to deadly effect.

Developer Striking Distance Studios will release The Callisto Protocol on 2 December, about two months before EA’s Dead Space remake arrives on 27 January 2023 (space horror fans, rejoice!). The game is set in 2320, and revolves around horrific creatures and a conspiracy unfolding on Callisto’s — a Jupiter moon that humankind has never stepped foot on — dingy and dangerous Black Iron Prison.