‘The Boys’ Season 4 Reveals First Look At New Superheroes Sister Sage and Firecracker

Oh, The Boys just love teasing us. While we’ll have to wait to learn more about the two new superheroes joining season 4 of the hit Prime Video series, The Boys has shared first-look images of Sister Sage and Firecracker.

Susan Heyward (VInyl, Orange Is The New Black) plays Sister Sage whilst Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars, The Tick) plays Firecracker.

Showrunner Eric Kripke took to Twitter to introduce the new supes, calling them “horrific and hilarious and very very dangerous”.

Heyward’s Sister Sage has her own Louis Vuitton-inspired letter pattern adorning her suit. The repeating “SS” is everywhere, from her belt to the weaving chain on the front of her suit to the metallic collar cradling her neck. The symbol of an eye is also a significant element to this look, appearing prominently on her chest. According to The Boys‘ official Twitter, Sister Sage is “already a thousand steps ahead of you,” hinting that she’s clairvoyant.

Curry’s Firecracker looks more like a patriotic Lara Croft. Her look is all about guns as seen by the pistol on her thigh holster and the gun symbols on her belt. She’s also wearing red, white and blue as a proud gun-toting patriot. She is teased to have a “short fuse” so we think this superhero is quick to shoot.

Season 4 of The Boys has begun filming. In the meantime, fans can catch seasons 1 to 3 of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.