Gacha Machine Backpack

Take A Chance With Takara Tomy Arts’ Gacha Machine Backpack

This is the perfect backpack to bring along on your next gacha adventure in Japan. As part of Takara Tomy Arts’ “Let’s Play Gacha Project” to promote capsule toys, they have come up with a Gacha Machine Backpack called the “Showy Gacha”.

The backpack’s design is inspired by the popular “Gacha 2EZ” machine produced by Takara Tomy Arts, which most gacha hunters will surely be familiar with. There are even capsule toys of these gacha machines (yes we own quite a few).

The best part about the backpack’s design is that it has a clear viewing window on the front so you can fill it up with your capsules, and it even has a functioning rotating dial that clicks away as you turn it, just like the real thing.

It’s just too bad the dial doesn’t actually dispense a capsule from your stash, but at least the zipper pouch at the bottom can store a capsule or two, to fool your friends.

Takara Tomy Arts is currently taking pre-orders for the Gacha backpack, priced at 9,900 yen (US$75) and it is expected to release in July 2023. We can’t wait to get our hands on one and carry it on our next gacha hunting spree in Tokyo, perhaps during Tokyo Game Show 2023!