Sealed Super Mario 64 Copy Sold For US$1.5 Million, Breaking Legend of Zelda NES Record In Just Two Days

Just two days ago, a The Legend of Zelda NES cartridge was auctioned off at the price of US$870,000 and it broke the record for the highest-priced video game collectable ever sold. However, it was broken in just two days by a copy of the classic N64 Super Mario game.

The highly graded and sealed copy of the Nintendo 64 iconic Super Mario game was sold at the Heritage Auctions for a whopping US$1.5 million, which is almost twice the price of the previous record held by the The Legend of Zelda copy.

super mario 64

According to Heritage Auctions, it is one of the fewer-than-five known sealed copies in its excellent condition, with a 9.6 rating on the Wata scale. The auction started with a bid of US$100k on 9 July and ended on 11 July.

While these games might be a classic and an icon for all gamers and collectors, the price tag still makes us wonder if they’re actually worth that much.

Besides video games, nostalgic and old collectables such as Pokémon cards have already taken the world by storm with their ridiculous prices. So check around your rooms and boxes for those old games and cards, you just might be a closet millionaire and you never knew.