'Street Fighter 6' Goes Open-World With Chun-Li Returning Alongside New Faces

‘Street Fighter’ Live-Action Movie Loses Directors

In a blow to Legendary Pictures and Capcom’s Street Fighter live-action movie, directors Danny and Michael Philippou (Talk to Me) have exited the film due to scheduling conflicts. A new live-action film reboot was announced in 2023, and promised further updates, but there have been no updates until now.

street fighter live action movie

The Philippou duo are currently working on their next A24 film, Bring Her Back, which will begin filming this June, starring Sally Hawkins, Jonah Wren Phillips (Sweet Tooth), Billy Barratt (Invasion), and Sora Wong. However. the film clashes with the Street Fighter film in development, and Legendary Pictures is searching for a new director.

There have been a few adaptations over the years, with its 1994 film earning US$99.4 million at the box office against a US$35 million budget, and a 2009 reboot earning a disappointing US$12.8 million against a US$50 million budget. Legendary Pictures also has the film and TV rights to the game franchise, which has six games to date with Street Fighter 6 bringing the heat.

Will the Street Fighter live-action reboot film be able to make a rebound and punch its way back up? Let’s hope they’re down, but not out for the count just yet.