Stormtrooper Cars Are The Lamest Star Wars Marketing Stunt We’ve Seen So Far!

It’s less than 100 days left to the opening of the new Star Wars movie, so fans can expect a deluge of promotional tie-ins leading up to opening day.

Star Wars is perhaps the only IP that has enough clout to bring together rival toy manufacturers, who churn out sweet merchandise that every brand wishes that they could have.

Except this one.

Dressing up a fleet of Dodge Chargers as First Order Storm Troopers that look absolutely nothing like the actual Imperial grunts is quite a stretch by movie tie-in standards.

In fact, searching for “stormtrooper car” in Google coughs up better looking custom jobs than this marketing gimmick.

The biggest upside is that all these folks in posed shots obtained a free ride from Uber for being part of this horrendous marketing stunt.

Despite being fan favourites, our perennial punching bags can’t shoot straight, so would you even trust Stormtroopers to drive you anywhere?

Get us into a Millennium Falcon or Slave 1, and then we can talk.