Aperture Desk Job Steam Deck

‘Portal’ Spin-Off ‘Aperture Desk Job’ Is A Free Steam Deck Game Also Playable On PC

The Steam Deck handheld device is finally being shipped out, making the dream of many gamers come true – having access to one’s Steam library while out and about. As a cherry on top, Valve announced a new free game titled Aperture Desk Job.

The game is set in the same world as Valve’s classic first-person puzzler series, Portal. The game will be available for download on PC, but it doesn’t support keyboard and mouse control and will require a controller. On the game’s Steam page, it is specified that Aperture Desk Job is a free short designed for the Steam Deck as a tech demo for the handheld.

The game is meant to be an interactive way to showcase the handheld’s controls and features, and shouldn’t be seen as a sequel to Portal 2. However, it does feature the distinct humour of the series. The premise of the game involves a regular person showing up for their first day at a desk job, but the job slowly turns absurd and goes out of control while a robotic companion comments on the player character’s performance.

This spin-off will be released on 1 March 2022, and is a must-play for all Portal fans.