StarHub Reduces TV Prices Across The Board With New Entertainment Passes

The Digital Age has brought about a lot more ways with which entertainment can be sought. Be it on your desktop or mobile, you have a multitude of options to access your favourite content. In Singapore, one of the leading TV networks, StarHub, is leading the charge with a complete overhaul of their subscription plan.

With effect from today, April 1, 2019, StarHub Entertainment will introduce a new series of Entertainment Passes to allow you to access your content with ease. There are seven Entertainment Passes in total – English, Movies, Asian, Malay, Indian, Filipino, and Sports – each of which offering a different selection of TV channels and shows to accommodate different audience demographics.

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This fosters not only a simplified way of watching your content, but also a flexible one, thanks to the ability to freely switch between Entertainment Passes without much effort using your My Account online portal. Of course, you’d need to have been already subscribed to any of the seven Passes to be able to switch between them. No longer do you have to worry about set-top box rental fees or the like, so you can fully focus on your favourite content.

Additionally, the new Entertainment Passes allow for a more seamless multi-screen viewing experience for those of you who prefer to watch your favourite shows on the go. A fan of Game of Thrones and absolutely have to catch up before Season 8 premieres later this month? No problem. Being subscribed to the Entertainment Pass gives you complementary access to StarHub’s partner apps, such as HBO Go under the  Movies Pass, and BBC Player under the English Pass.

Furthermore, it’s a more cost-effective way of accessing your content. For a S$29.90 monthly fee (price is standardised regardless of the Entertainment Pass you sign up for) with a 24-month contract, you can enjoy more channels without the hassle of paying for extra set-top box installation fees and rental fees. Here’s a breakdown of a previously existing contract as compared to the new system:

More bang for your buck, says StarHub.

“Our bold move in the mobile space was overwhelmingly well received by our customers,” said Mr Johan Buse CEO of Consumer Business Group, StarHub. “Building on the voices of what customers want, and in keeping with our brand promise to innovate, today we are excited to revolutionise the way entertainment is presented to our customers.”

As a basic lowdown on what you’ll be getting should you be inclined to sign up, it’ll be a S$29.90/month fee under a 24-month contract with an option to recontract at the end of it, and you’ll have access to one of the seven Passes (with the ability to switch to a different one to your heart’s content, of course).

Of course, you’re not limited to those options, with a shorter 12-month contract and the option to subscribe to more Passes at the same time available as well. Furthermore, the first 5,000 subscribers will also get a complementary second Pass of their choosing for free.

A StarHub spokesperson confirmed with us that you can actually opt to migrate to the new plans, even if you’re already subscribed to an existing one, although you’re not forced to migrate at all. In most instances, it’s just cheaper to actually join StarHub’s new Entertainment Pack overall.

For more information, head over to the StarHub Entertainment website.

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