Starbucks Singapore Has The Cutest Bunny Cups And Tumblers!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is swiftly approaching and with it comes a whole range of adorable Starbucks Singapore exclusive merchandise. 

Countdown to Mid-Autumn Festival with these delectable baked Starbucks® Mooncakes.Available in single pieces,…

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Monday, July 22, 2019

This new line of tumblers and cups come decked out in various shades of blue, and white, with sprays of gold, very reminiscent of a moonlit night sky. You can also spot the Jade Rabbit throughout the merchandises, from Hello, Bunnies where it shyly peeks out to say hi, to Moonlit Sky where it is sitting in a mini semi-sphere, surrounded by glitter. 

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Here is the full line of Mid-Autumn merchandises that will be hitting shelves in Starbucks stores around Singapore this year: 

Little Mates

Who wouldn’t want these cute little companions for their daily morning brew?

This cup retails for S$24.90 and is only available at selected stores in Singapore.

Hello, Bunnies

Make a statement with these adorable bottles, which features the Jade Rabbit front and centre, shyly peeking out to say hi.

The bottle on the left will be retailing for S$26.90 and is only available at selected stores in Singapore. Meanwhile, the one on the right will be selling for S$34.90.

Enchanted Night

Carry along the whimsical and resplendent moonlit night with you everywhere with these few bottles, complete with the Jade Rabbit sitting quietly atop the moon.

From left to right, the bottles will retail for S$24.90 (Only available at selected stores), S$21.90, and S$22.90 (Only available at selected stores).

Moonlit Sky

With Moonlit Sky, you get not just one teeny-tiny bunny on the bottle. There is also another bunny found in the semi-sphere at the bottom of the bottle, surrounded by glitter for you to shake around. A bottle and snow globe all in one!

This bottle will retail for S$28.90.

Star Gazing

There are several tiny ears peeking out on this bottle, can you guess who it is?

This bottle will be retailing for S$36.90.

Aside from merchandises, customers can also choose from a selection of delectable mooncakes to bring home and share with the family. 

White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncakes

For customers whose palate lean more towards the traditional-flavoured mooncakes, Starbucks has their White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncakes. It can be purchased individually at S$5.80 per piece, or as a set of eight for S$59.90. 

Whereas those who prefer to try something a little different can go for any of their other mooncakes: the Coffee with Caramel & Hazelnut Mooncake, Honey Earl Grey Mooncake, Yam Paste Mooncake, and Mango Mooncake. Each mooncake cost S$5.80 apiece. These four flavours can also be purchased as a set at S$59.90 per box, with four pairs of each flavour in a box. 

Here’s to you having a very Starbucks-filled Mid-Autumn Festival this year!