Controversial MMO ‘Star Citizen’ Introduces US$48,000 “Own Every Ship” DLC Bundle

It has already been a decade since its highly successful Kickstarter campaign way back in 2012. Over 10 years later, Star Citizen is still in its Alpha stage and it has been deemed as a scam by many at this point, with no official launch date anywhere in sight. Although its “Squadron 42” single-player campaign mode was announced in October that it was finally done and entering the polishing phase, we’re not counting on seeing it launch anytime soon.

Star Citizen Squadron 42
Mark Hamill in Squadron 42.

Now that we’re into 2024, Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium Games plans to release a bundle in Q1 of 2024 that includes every ship in the game to date, dubbed the Legatus 2953, for a whopping US$48,000. This bundle, however, won’t be made available to everyone. Only members sitting at a certain tier of Star Citizen‘s Chairman’s Club, who have already spent US$10,000 on in-game items will be able to purchase it.

According to the Legatus 2953 listing on its website, the package is “Comprised of over 175 vessels from every manufacturer of note, this perfect collection, including all ships released and concepted through 2953, empowers every fleet commander to forge a lasting legacy, leading humanity towards a brighter future.”

Spending US$58,000 on in-game virtual ships is a lot of money, especially for a game that’s still in its Alpha stages of development and with an official release nowhere in sight. But clearly, there are many believers in this long-drawn project. There is no denying the insane amount of “Star Citizens” who have backed the game to date. According to Star Citizen’s funding stats, it’s currently at US$658,260,012 raised, and with 5,027,092 backers.