Souls-like Lies of P Teases First DLC & Details Sequel

Souls-like ‘Lies of P’ Teases First DLC & Details Sequel

For fans who just love getting punished, the Souls-like genre has definitely provided plenty of avenues in which to pursue that particular interest. One of more interesting ones in recent times has been Round8 Studios and Neowiz‘s Lies of P, which takes the tale of the puppet and twists it in some truly interesting ways.

Having tasted great success with over a million copies sold since its launch on 18 September, it is no wonder that the team behind the game is keen to keep the momentum going as much as possible. Publisher Neowiz has indicated that the first DLC for the game is on the way, so if you haven’t even jumped in yet, there’s more to look forward to.

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Game Director Jiwon Choi also took the opportunity to show off two sketches in the Lies of P video, which shows off just a snippet of what the DLC is about, with more information to come soon. Considering the ending of the game, there is definitely more lying in wait, with The Wizard of Oz being a key part of the fun, alongside Dorothy and those ruby shoes.

An upcoming update will also bring an extensive list of changes to both weapons and character balance, as well as quality-of-life tweaks to make the early parts of the game easier. The addition of the Rising Dodge ability as a default skill falls into that category, and players will be able to obtain Alidoro’s costume and mask to add to the growing collection.

In addition, Lies of P will make it possible for players to equip glasses and hats separately in a bid “for even greater freedom in character customization.”

As for what comes after, Choi shared that the team’s “highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel. The dev team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects.” While it may not seem like much, it is an official confirmation of a Lies of P sequel that will make plenty of players happy and excited.