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Sony Allegedly Planning New PlayStation 5 Console With Detachable Disc Drive

It is not surprising to see redesigns several years into the lifecycles of modern consoles, be it a more efficient build, smaller sizes, or just entirely better specifications. For the PlayStation 5, however, a rumoured revision might see the entire disc drive be removable; a version of the PS5 that could arrive in September 2023.

This news comes via Insider Gaming, whose sources have shared this development under the condition of anonymity. Despite offering two versions of the console, one with a disc drive and the other being a fully digital one that doesn’t read physical discs, Sony might be looking to blur the lines with this new product offering.

Sony Allegedly Planning New PlayStation 5 Console With Detachable Disc Drive

Essentially, it will be up to the consumers to decide whether they need a disc drive for their PlayStation 5 or not, and not be locked into a decision should they change their mind later. The purported addition of an extra USB-C port at the back of the console will make it simple to plug the disc drive in whenever you need it.

As for the interior, the hardware will remain mostly the same, with some tweaks likely made to accommodate the external drive. The aesthetics of the PlayStation 5 will not change too drastically as well, so if you are a fan, there’s no need to worry unduly.

It remains to be seen if this new PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive will come to fruition, especially as Sony is hard at work trying to get the new PlayStation VR2 out the door for early 2023. Nevertheless, more options are always a good thing, and perhaps we could even see a PlayStation 5 Pro at some point, fingers crossed.