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Show Your Love for Your Geeky Other Half with These Plush Bouquets This Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day may still be a month away, but the seasoned gifter would know about the hassle, indecisiveness, and last-minute problems that come with buying presents, especially when shipping, or delivery services are involved. As such, it’s always good to start planning early, and have a shopping list stashed somewhere on standby.

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If you’re looking to please your geeky partner this Valentine’s, we’re here to help! It’s time to do away with your typical flower bouquets, and swap them out for a nice, geeky bunch of plushies.

Thinkgeek’s collection of plush bouquets has plenty to offer, from the popular Star Wars droids, to the bundle of round, colourful planets for astronomical geeks (S$52.90, without shipping). Not so big on fandoms? There are also other choices available, such as the adorable Plush Corgi Bouquet (S$66.17, without shipping), or the clever Plush Science of Bouquet (S$52.90, without shipping). There’s certainly enough geekery to go around – even the bookworms would be impressed with the Plush Book Bouquet (S$79.40).

Of course, every geek-inspired gift collection will almost always have the hottest characters from a galaxy far, far away. In addition to the droids bouquet, the Star Wars Plush Bouquet 3.0 will make for a better choice for the more hardcore Star Wars enthusiasts.

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Standing at S$105.88 (without shipping), it’s not exactly wallet-friendly. But the nine-character lineup, which includes the likes of hot favourites Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, alongside newer ones such as BB-8, and a Porg, sure makes everything worth the price. Plus – they can be taken off their long “stem” dowels for playtime, and re-attached later for display, as with the others. A two-in-one function, sweet.

Depending on the type of plush bouquets, the pricing runs the gamut from a discounted price of S$39.70 to S$105.88. In particular, the Star Wars Bouquet – Darth Vader (S$66.20), Star Wars Bouquet – Droids (S$52.90), Plush Bouquet – Microbes of Love (S$39.70), and Plush Bouquets for Moms (S$24.99) help to save wallets from further distress, by means of a reduced cost.

Now, what’s your excuse for not getting your loved ones these incredibly geeky plush bouquets?

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