Shazam! Reshoots Are A Go

Shazam! is still a ways off from the silver screen, with its debut slated for April 5, 2019, so it’s certainly no doomsday scenario that its cast has been called back for a couple of reshoots.

While the term ‘reshoot’ has been imbued with certain unfortunately negative connotations — signalling a conflict in artistic direction, mismanagement of audience expectations, etc. — there has been no indication from Shazam!’s production that it’s been anything other than smooth-sailing. So fans may rest easier and try to refrain from working themselves into a tizzy.

Shazam actor Zachary Levi is evidently fully aware of the regrettable implications that’s tied to ‘reshoots’, and has pointedly side-stepped the word in his Instagram post, instead, using ‘additional photography’.

In it, he shares a close-up of Shazam’s costume, and subsequently urges the citizens of America to vote in the midterm-elections according to their beliefs — which has since seen the Democrats taking control of the House, and Republicans tightening their hold on the Senate.

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Considering the increasingly apparent conflict amidst an unfortunately polarising media and social landscape, it looks like we’re seeing a very real need for superheroes in our lives — maybe that explains the current mass infatuation with superheroes on the silver screen.

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