Secretlab MAGNUS Heavy Duty Monitor Arm Can Hold Up Massive 57-Inch, 16Kg Monitor

Ever feel like you’ve run out of room on your desk from having too many monitors clutter your gaming space? It’s time to level up your gaming rig with Secretlab’s upgraded addition to the gaming scene, the Secretlab MAGNUS Heavy Duty Monitor Arm.

Previously, Secretlab released a monitor arm that could only hold up to 34-inch wide screens and support up to 8kg, but the new heavy duty monitor arm is a significant upgrade and mounts ultrawide screens up to 57-inch wide and weighing up to 16kg.

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It’s one of the first monitor arms to be able to hold ultrawide monitors, making gaming a breeze. With single and dual monitor arm options, a gaming setup can support up to three screens, and a 90-degree screen swivel range, with a 20-degree tilt range.

Boasting detachable VESA handles which make adjusting your gaming monitor set up easy, the heavy duty monitor arm uses a premium tensile spring mechanism for even greater flexibility. Detach the handles when you’re satisfied with the adjustments, sit back, and the mechanism will firmly hold it in place.

For maximum security, the monitor arm has a double-lock mechanism to ensure that your monitor stays secure and in-place, incorporating a heavy-duty tilt pivot, which is usually sold separately with most monitor arms.

The Secretlab MAGNUS Heavy Duty Monitor Arm retails from S$399 and is available online now.