Second Half Of Rick and Morty Season Four To Release On 3 May

It looks like everyone’s favourite grandpa-grandson duo is finally coming back as Adult Swim has announced that the second half of Rick and Morty season four will be dropping on 3 May 2020

The announcement was made via a trailer for the upcoming episodes where we see Rick and Morty fighting off weird monsters, being suited up in badass-looking suits of armour, and the return of everyone’s favourite sentient little dog Snowball/Snuffles. 

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It also looks like the second half of Rick and Morty might be tying up loose plot points from previous seasons that have yet to be resolved as we see Summer and Tammy in what looks to be a lightsaber duel. 

The last we saw of Tammy was in the first episode of season three, The Rickshank Redemption where it seems Tammy has become leader of the remaining party of members from the Galactic Federation present at her wedding. Birdperson was also revived by the Federation and was renamed to be Phoenixperson. We’ve not seen nor heard from her since.

According to the trailer, the second half of season four will be everything we’ve been waiting for and if the trailer is anything to go by, we know we definitely will have a lot to look forward to. We think some happiness, even if it’s at the expense of Jerry, is sorely needed in these trying times.