Samuel L. Jackson F-Bombs Will Be On Amazon’s Alexa, Non-Explicit Version Also Available

Soon, come bedtime, Amazon’s Alexa might just tell you to “Go the fuck to sleep.” 

It has been revealed by Amazon during its annual hardware event that it will be adding a number of updates to its Amazon Echo smart speakers, one of which includes the option to add Samuel L. Jackson as a voice option for your Amazon smart speakers

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For a pretty affordable fee of US$0.99, you will be able to hear the Hollywood superstar read you the news, update you on your events for the day, and even sing you happy birthday. Amusingly enough, there will be an explicit and non-explicit version of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to choose from.

According to Amazon, they will be using a neural text-to-speech technology to mimic the actor’s voice on devices powered by Alexa, instead of having him record a scripted line to be played over and over again. 

The company has also confirmed that Jackson will be the first of several famous stars to lend their voices for Alexa. 

Aside from this undeniably cool update, Alexa will also be getting some new privacy updates. From now on, users will be able to get Alexa to repeat back what she just heard, as well as ask Alexa for an explanation for her most recent response to you. 

Those who do not wish for Alexa to store their voice recordings will soon be able to have their recordings automatically deleted in the device’s Privacy Hub which will automatically delete anything older than three months or 18 months, depending on the user’s preference.