Samsung Neo QLED QN90C TV Offers The Perfect Suite For All Your Gaming Needs

Size and distance matters when it comes to the immersion factor. For console gaming, a big screen is the way to go, and the Samsung Neo QLED QN90C TV presents several offerings for that one-of-a-kind gaming experience for your needs, whether you’re a console or PC gamer, have your own room, studio apartment or living room. Things start from the 43-inch model, before growing up to the 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch, before ending with a glorious 75 inches of viewing real estate.

But before it even gets to show off its display prowess, the TV already establishes itself as an attention grabber. Setting a strong first impression, the NeoSlim design combines a sleek, stylish body with slim bezels to give off a clean look, and saves space at the same time. Set-up is straightforward and easy, with users having the option to mount it on the wall, or place it on a stand.

In particular, the port selection on the 43 and 50 inch Samsung QN90C proves handy to redefine the tabletop experience as a multi-gaming workhorse. The four HDMI 2.1 ports makes it convenient to connect this display beauty to a PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, or other devices simultaneously, and switch to different display inputs. HDMI 2.1 support also means higher resolutions, higher frame rates, and faster speeds for an enhanced gameplay experience.

samsung QN90C

Turn the TV on, and an immersive time awaits. The neural quantum processor uses AI to automatically upscale content quality and improve scenes, while an anti-glare reduces distractions by minimising light reflections. More notably, the Samsung QN90C offers 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160), alongside other features including auto HDR remastering*, optimised images, Pantone-validated certification for accurate expression of 2,030 pantone colours, newly added 110 skin tone shades, and Real Depth Enhancer^ great for RPG and action buff to take in the realism.

Essentially, the first three work together to produce vivid and natural colours that have been adjusted for the eye, with the latter helping to increase foreground contrast for realistic, 3D-like visuals. Deep learning algorithms, meanwhile, are capable of transforming Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content into HDR-like quality, resulting in brighter highlights, sharper details, and richer hues.

samsung QN90C

The increase in detail is further accentuated by its mini-LED display, which delivers deep blacks and strong contrast for both the darkest and brightest scenes. Be it exploring a dimly lit cave or shooting at enemies in a neon-soaked city, the Samsung QN90C promises to pack a powerful punch – and in more ways than one. As with the lighting technology, the Neo QLED family which includes the QN90C comes with 5 years burn-in warranty.

The TV portion is no slouch either, with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz for its 43- and 50-inch models, and 120Hz for the rest. This makes the TV a cut above its peers, offering crisp image quality, fast speeds, and fluid action. A performance boost comes by way of FreeSync Premium Pro and GeForce Now support, which ensures game optimisation and reduces screen tearing.

Elsewhere, the Game Bar allows access to a quick panel that can be activated in the middle of a game to adjust various settings, including newly-added tools like a mini-map, aim optimisation, performance dashboard, and a game timer.

Rounding out the immersion-building experience is audio. The Samsung QN90C boasts 40-watt 2.0 channel audio with full Dolby Atmos support for clear and dynamic surround sound, creating a soundscape that puts users in the middle of the action and picking up all those footsteps in an FPS. For those who own a Samsung Q-Series or S-Series Soundbar, the TV can also be paired
with supported models to deliver sound in harmony, known as Q-Symphony. Through this technology, every clash of the sword or explosion can be unleashed with multi-channel, allowing for even greater immersion.

Samsung Neo QLED QN90C TV (1)

It’s always good to have options, and there’s certainly enough to satisfy demands here. The 43-inch and 50-inch models are perfect for gaming enthusiasts who want more than just a gaming screen or have limited space, while their 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch siblings offer alternatives for those who want to go big. No matter the pick, users will be treated to an enjoyable time in the many different game worlds, as they bask in everything from beautiful sights and crisp-sounding sound effects, to smooth movements.

The Samsung Neo QLED QN90C‘s recommended retail price is S$2,199 for the 43-inch model, S$2,699 for 50-inch, S$4,399 for 55-inch, S$5,899 for 65-inch, and S$8,099 for 75-inch. Do check in store at major retailers for prevailing price and promotions.