Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 Gets A Special Pokémon Edition In Korea

Pokemon fans and collectors will love this — Samsung is releasing a Pokémon-themed edition to its foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip 3 on 24 April. The bad news? The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition is only going on sale in South Korea, as far as we know.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition is currently counting down to launch on Samsung’s website. Samsung has not released details about it yet, including its retail price or if there are limited quantities, but here’s what we know of the Pokémon edition from what is being teased on the website.

What’s in the box of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokemon Edition

The edition will contain the phone, a Pikachu clear cover set, a Pokédex-themed pouch with a lanyard strap, and a Pokémon custom pack, which includes a set of Pokémon cards, a Pikachu keychain and a Pokéball PopSocket. There are two Pikachu covers, that can be swapped.

More information about the Pokémon edition, and whether it will become available outside South Korea, will become available in the next few days.