‘Resident Evil 9: Revenant Shadows’ Accidentally Listed Alongside Other RE Remasters

The Resident Evil momentum is going strong, and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. As leaks continue to make their rounds, a retail listing for Resident Evil 9 has accidentally popped up on Play Asia, alongside PS5 remakes of Code Veronica, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 9: Revenant Shadows is the latest instalment in the iconic survival horror series by Capcom,” reads the store description. “This game continues the chilling legacy with a fresh story, new characters, and the return of familiar faces. Set in an expansive, terrifying world filled with new threats and mysteries, Revenant Shadows blends intense action, intricate puzzles, and the atmospheric dread that fans have come to love.”

If the cover art is anything to go by, it seems Leon Kennedy will return for yet another outing. There are reasons to find it suspect, however — not only is the description awfully vague, the artwork also looks like a shabby edit (the audacity to use the ‘IX’ lettering in such a lazy way!) without much thought put into it. The usual advice for leaks and everything unofficial applies here: take everything with a grain of salt.

Resident Evil 9 Listing

Elsewhere, the PS5 version of Resident Evil Zero is marked as an “HD remaster”, while the listings for Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5 aren’t quite as clear. The latter will reportedly feature “new technology developed specifically for the game, as well as incredible changes to both the gameplay and world of Resident Evil”, though, so it may be more than a simple remaster.

Once again, there’s no official word on these releases, so hopefully Capcom will reveal more over the next few weeks to clear up the air.