Reebok Launches Adorable Limited Edition Hello Kitty And Gudetama Instapump Fury OG Sneakers

Reebok’s line of Instapump Fury sneakers have been known to be canvases for various pop-culture icons, including Doraemon and Toy Story. This time, Reebok has set their sights on another two beloved Sanrio characters, the lovable Hello Kitty and adorably lazy Gudetama

The red and white Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG will be available for both kids and adults. The adult version will feature Hello Kitty’s face on the back and the pump of the sneaker, with bows hidden on the insole of the sneaker. 

Even if you miss the many bows on the insole, you will definitely not miss Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow on the front of the sneaker. Don’t worry if you find the ribbon a bit too much as they are removable, giving you even more styling options with your pair of sneakers. 

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While not as detailed, the Hello Kitty Versa Pump Fury for kids are just as adorable with a multitude of red ribbons printed all over. 

If you’re more a fan of Sanrio’s lazy hero Gudetama than these eggcellent sneakers will be right up your alley. 

Gudetama can be found hanging about in his eggshell on the pump of the sneaker, and his lackadaisical expression takes centre stage on the back of the Gudetama Instapump Fury OG

The insoles feature a shy Gudetama hiding under his eggshell, or maybe he just couldn’t be bothered to lift the shell of his head. The shoes are in a stylistic white and yellow colour, just like an egg. 

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The Hello Kitty Instapump Fury OG and Gudetama Instapump Fury OG will be sold for 21,600 yen (around S$277.05) while the Hello Kitty Versa Pump Fury for kids will be retailing for 7,009 yen (around S$89.90). The sneakers were first released in Japan on September 23, 2019.

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