'PUBG Mobile' Is Bringing All 'The Boys' To The Yard On 3 June

‘PUBG Mobile’ Is Bringing All ‘The Boys’ To The Yard On 3 June

If you needed more foul-mouthed antics from the folks of The Boys on the go, then you might be interested in the show’s latest collaboration with the hit mobile battle royale game, PUBG Mobile.

Launching as a companion to the Season 3 premiere of the Amazon Prime show on 3 June, players jumping in can get access to a collection of exclusive items that will be familiar to fans. This includes the spandex worn by Homelander, Starlight and Soldier Boy, as well as weapon skins, backpacks and a unique Supes parachute.

If you needed some story to go along with your battle royale, this partnership will be right up your alley. With a horrifying spree of unsolvable murders taking place in New York City, it is up to you to help uncover the truth. This will require participation in the special Supe Spree event beginning on 8 June.

Players will team up with the infamous Billy Butcher to investigate the superheroes and find evidence of any wrongdoings. There will also be a series of weekly challenges that will bring more rewards.

“’The Boys’ is a groundbreaking TV series that has forever changed the entertainment industry with its irreverent take on superheroes,” said Anthony Crouts, senior director of marketing for PUBG Mobile.

“We always strive to deliver fresh new content to our players and this collaboration gives us the amazing opportunity to integrate real-time elements of ‘The Boys” new season directly into PUBG Mobile.”