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PS5 Singapore Scam: Facebook Ads From “Funan”, “Courts” and More Offering Console Prize

It’s 2021 and shortages for the Sony PlayStation 5 have yet to abate.

Short of handing over cash to a scalper, desperate gamers might be tempted to take part in contests to land the coveted console.

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It seems that scammers seem to have gotten wind of the demand and are targeting Singaporeans in particular.

The following ads from “Funan” and “Courts” are just two examples of their attempts.

It seems that Singaporeans are not as gullible as the scammers might have hoped. After all, the comments are filled with folks who are calling the ad out.

However, who knows how many more were not so fortunate.

Clicking through into the ad leads one to a Google form –

Once that is done, another hop to an external site where personal information is collected –

FamilyMart? Isn’t that a convenience store in Japan?

Just how far does this rabbit hole go? It’s certainly not going to end well.

The concern here is that Facebook is earning a cut from the ad buys and data is being harvested.

Considering that many folks around the world have a heightened sensitivity to privacy now, the scammers might not get as much information as they like.

It’s also a worrying trend considering we saw increased scams in December with this one hitting out directly at gamers who are unable to get the PS5 console.

Best thing we can do right now is report the ad, and make sure to tell your friends to stay alert. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.