Pokémon Labyrinth Brings Family-Friendly Catch ‘Em All Fun To A Classic Board Game

Earlier in September, Ravensburger mashed Nintendo’s Mario franchise with the classic board game Labyrinth to bring us Super Mario Labyrinth. Now, the board game is getting yet another crossover, this time with the globally beloved franchise, Pokémon.

Pokémon Labyrinth gives the easy-to-learn board game another family-friendly makeover. The game, first published in 1986, involves two to four players facing a maze (the titular labyrinth) made up of fixed and moving tiles. Players will try to move the maze tiles around, trying to gain an advantageous position so they can lead their token to the treasure and get out successfully.

In this new version, players will try to collect all the Pokémons on the cards they draw, which are shaped like Pokéballs, before heading back to their home square. The first to do so will be the winner.

Pokémon Labyrinth is retailing for US$34.99 on Amazon (US) and Amazon (SG), and collectors of all things Pokémon will definitely want to get their hands on this.