Pay S$38 now, to get S$350 off next year’s Samsung flagship phone

Samsung Singapore is launching a new Concierge service with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones, where owners pay an additional S$38 upfront to join the programme, to be eligible to upgrade to the next Samsung flagship phone in 12 months, with a S$350 discount thrown in.

The premise is simple – the telcos charge you an early recontract fee if you want to buy a subsidised handset before your two year contract is up. This is usually a one-time fee of up to S$350, depending on your current contract terms, but if you pay S$38 when you buy any S7 device, Samsung will cover the cost of the recontract fee. You have to surrender your S7 when you buy your next Samsung phone in 12 months, but think of it as a trade in. Sort of.

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If you’re not re-contracting but still want a new Galaxy phone, Samsung will offer you a S$350 discount off their upcoming phone, so if you are the type to change phones every year, this is a great offer.

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Yes, the Concierge service comes with other incentives, such as a replacement device if your Galaxy S7 device fails within the first month, and a 50% discount off non-warranty repairs. This includes screen replacements, or if you happen to have water damage on the water-resistant S7 devices.

This plan is unique to Singapore and looks to be a variant of the iPhone upgrade service offered by Apple in the US, where owners get a new iPhone by trading in their current generation iPhone when a new one comes out.

Paying S$38 to get S$350 is a great way to ensure customer retention.

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